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Former Fishing Environment of Ship Harbour

Mike Newman’s Store: This store was built when the stage had to be torn down because of disrepair and higher water levels. The store was then used to make lobster pots, mend nets and store fishing gear. The former stage and wharf occupied the right hand corner of the picture.

Peter Griffiths’ Stage: This stage was built under a steep embankment in a very picturesque setting. It was used to store and mend fishing gear. Notice the lobster pots lined up to the left in the photo.


Anthony Griffiths’ Stage: The last remaining days of this stage; it was torn down shortly after this photo was taken. To the right of the stage was a store and to the right of that was a slipway. The wharf in front of the stage was much bigger at one time. The top of the building was used for storage.The lower portion was used as a stage for processing fish.


Mike Power’s Stage: This stage was one of many in the area. It was in use for many years and was torn down shortly after this photo was taken.


This anchor was formerly near the ball field which was on the "American Road" leading out to the Atlantic Charter Site at Ship Harbour Point.
A few years ago, it was moved closer to the entrance of the community. 

Skating on the Pond by Barbara Griffin, 2004

(Acrylic paint on Canvas Panel) (More of my paintings)


October 10, 2015